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Born on 20th of April 1987 in Northern Cyprus, Üncü has continued his primary school education in İstiklal İlkokulu – Lefke (TRNC) until year 4 (age 10) than moved to Australia in 1997 to study primary school years 5-6 and high school years 7-10 in Werribee College private school. Later in 2004, he moved back to North Cyprus to graduate high school in Turkish Maarif College (Language Class). Following high school, Üncü studied his undergraduate in the Department of Translation and Interpretation at Eastern Mediterranean University in TRNC  and during his studies, he was granted 3 honor and 2 high honor degrees for finally graduating with a honor degree. During his years in University, Üncü had served as asistant in Student Affairs Office. Later on Üncü had completed his 1 year compulsory army service as Third-Lieutenant Translator and Interpreter as a result of successful examination scores on physical, educational and lingual sufficiencies. While in army service, Üncü has entered the Translation and Interpretation examination of European Union Project Support Office situated in Northern Nicosia and finally achieving to pass the examination as one of two out of many. As a Translator and Interpreter (Consecutive & Simultaneous) serving in EUPSO, Üncü has worked with international companies like GIZ and IBF. Üncü is finally and recently occupied as the Translation Administrator and Lecturer in Girne American University (GAU) and is also continuing to his graduate education in the department of International Relations (MSc).


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