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Following the recent trend in the world, North Cyprus is adapting its political structure to the new style of political perception. In a world of no real rightist or leftist, North Cyprus has also moulded its political structure to more politically secularist methodological approaches. This popular reasoning of the policy aims to conduct mass diversion in the political base of North Cypriot statesmanship.

The Turkish Republican Party (CTP – nominal leftist) and National Unity Party (UBP – nominal rightist) have almost reached the peak point in their race of evolution. They both have practiced their evolution theory from far-leftist and far-rightist to a milder political stand. The evolving new era politics have set few radical diversions throughout the political parties in North Cyprus. As aforementioned there is no more vivid far-leftist or far-rightist concepts for CTP or UBP and similarly on the other hand  it is also visible to observe that the former structure of Democratic Party (Far-Rightist in Rauf Raif Denktaş period), nevertheless Democrat Party is a former far-rightist, has derived its recent political approaches under the leadership of Serdar Denktaş and has enhanced the political ideology of the party into more liberal and more “Cypriotic” formation rather than standing on the sharp edge of far-rightist side.

A futuristic hypothesis would be to examine both CTP and UBP forming a coalition in near future in line with the developments regarding the peace negotiations between the North and the South. As this would assemble a mere possibility, it is not impossible. The discharging of 8 MPs from the UBP block has developed into non-predictable convergence to form Democrat Party and National Forces (Ulusal Güçler-Party of Discharged MPs) block.

Changing Climate of Middle East

The transformations of the Turkish Cypriot politics is not a surprise since it is the natural effects of the changes stipulated upon the Middle East by the dominant powers. Thus North Cyprus is only a walker-on in a spectacular play. The changes which are now obvious to be examined in the North Cypriot politics is solely a butterfly effect of those changes and diversion realized in dominating power politics. In the near future there would be more radical scenarios to be held and more interesting bipolar coalitions to be formed beyond the expectations.


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