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Since 1974 -The Peace Operation of Turkey- significant interventions of any kind was oppressed by Turkey on the Turkish Cypriot authority. This is more than a speculative commentary, it is rather an empirical fact. Nevertheless, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established on 15 November 1983, the absolute authority of Turkey on both domestic and foreign affairs -if any- of Turkish Cypriot authorities is active ever since.

The fact that TRNC is a de-facto state[1] has engendered numerous vital problems like embargoes, unrecognized international stance, interdependent economy, cultural and lingual assimilation, interferences on state level decision makings. These problems have further contributed to the communal anomie and poverty on Turkish Cypriot society. The indefinite situation of the Cyprus Problem has also created significant communal and political instability throughout the years.

Turkey: The Strategic State of Power

Similarily to the requirements neccessiated for the  human development to become an adult, states also use external support to grow and hold a sound stance in the international arena. The  support required during the early formation years of the Turkish State was provided by external power states and recently become to be the most significant central factor in the region in means of strategic location, natural resources and young population.

The Turkish power in the Middle East has always been visible until the Turkish dream to conquer the European attention. Turkish state has evolved from a country of threat to a possible reasonable ally since the years of Independence. This evolution through many significant revolutions have brought by significant number of governing variations and were at some point directly or indirectly interfered by the external powers which had an idea of control over the Turkish state in regards to its strategic situation as a natural bridge to Middle East, Asia and Europe. Nevertheless, the Turkish politics have recently, since the latest government, determined its path of unique political approach of much Islamic conservatism and rather less favorable demand to be a member of the European Union but on counter determined only to integrate with universal regulations of EU.[2]

Communal Collapse

North Cyprus, a de-facto state in the Mediterranean, for long centuries was held over various diplomatic and strategic negotiations as a trump. Recently this has undermined the international political status of Northern Cyprus state authorities in means of state recognition by the Turkish state thus resulted in communal collapse in both psychologically and economically. Tragically Northern Cypriots have become to be losing confidence on the good will of Turkish state in means of acting as a guarantor state therefore this recently generated dynamic Cyprian movement within the community.

The visible cultural exploitation of the Northern Cypriots in means of self-authority and cultural aspects is expected to be continued until a comprehensive settlement that will literally limit the direct intervention of the Turkish state on Cypriot politics and social development.


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