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The recent decades have been marked by Washington’s ”special” efforts to impose its democratic ideas worldwide. This happened (and still goes on!) not only with the active promotion of “the colored revolutions” and the ”US democratic values” preached through the various NGOs (under the US supervision).

Quite frequently this “democracy” export was either violently performed or managed by the active ”efforts” and clandestine operations worked out by the US special services against countries across the globe. In such cases, totally neglecting the international law institutions, the White House urgently made up its loyal military alliances which razed to the ground not only the regimes resisting the US pressure, but also exterminated their civilians. There seems to be no need to go into detail in this respect, giving examples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the revolutionary ”Arab Spring”, balkanization of the Eastern Europe etc. In such actions Washington uses the political line declared by Harry Truman to aid the ”free people resisting the power takeover by the armed minority or foreign pressure” in Congress in March 1947. But at that time the opposition to the Communist influence was the issue which later on transformed into the Cold War, whilst today it is the White House that tries to impose no less of its ”foreign pressure” on the world by embedding its agents into the NGOs for promoting the US interests and inspiring mass ”revolutionary” protests in many countries.

Yet all these efforts by Washington are facing a growing counteraction on various continents which boosts the anti-American resentment all over the world. There are many reasons for this but the main one is that people in many countries widely recognize that ”the US democracy” cannot be the paragon at all, if even the US population has strongly negative opinion about it.

Eventually many US and Western media note that the astounding violence rate demonstrated by the US police officers is higher than in any other industrially developed country. In 2013 and 2014 8 people were killed by the police in Germany, about 10 people are killed by the Canadian police every year. But in 2014 alone, the policemen actually waging war against their own citizens killed more people in the town of Pasco, Washington with the population of 68,000 inhabitants, than those murdered across the entire Great Britain for the last three years.

Many of these murders were recorded on video however the US authorities try to report them casually or not to disclose them at all. One hundred and fifteen Americans were killed by the police in March 2015 alone, making the death toll of more than three people a day! This is much higher than the number of murders by the entire British police since 1990. The majority of the murdered are African Americans while the most frequent victims of such “democratic” police actions are the inhabitants of California, Wisconsin, Georgia and Ohio, yet this problem is nationwide. In particular, according to the US Justice Department report, the police officers in Philadelphia fired shots at the citizens 400 times, with 80% of the injured being African Americans.

The racial tension in the country is still strong and it frequently leads to the institutional racism. This is proven in the recent journalist investigation by The Washington Post on the operational methods at the Ferguson police after Michael Brown’s death; the report notes that the local policemen still openly stick to the discrimination policy despite the intervention by the State of Missouri and the federal authorities. And this raises a serious concern.

As a result, the entire generation of African Americans has become a victim of the imposed racial policy. If you were born black, your chance of being shot to death is 20 times higher than for a white man. Should it be surprising that the US towns are regularly roiled with protests against the murders of innocent African Americans by the policemen, which is almost constantly reported by the American mass media?

Such atrocities against the civilians occur not only in the US, they are commonplace in the countries occupied ”in the name of promoting the American democracy” by the US military. For the last 14 years of US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the international mass media are full of articles about the cars of local civilians riddled with bullets by the US patrols, the civilian deaths after the raids by the US military breaking into their homes or ”accidentally” coming under fire from the US unmanned aerial vehicles.

And this is the reason for the determination of the unanimous opinion from the international community: the USA is responsible not only for the violence in America but also in the countries across Latin America and the Middle East. The Gallup Institute and WIN published a joint report based on the opinion survey in 65 countries which stated that 24% people worldwide considered the USA as the biggest global threat. The conclusions of another opinion poll held by the Gallup Institute in 50 US states on March 5-8 were quite unequivocal proving that 18% of the poll participants called the government and its ”democratic” policy a significant problem for the US, positioning it higher than terrorism, national security and budget deficit issues, unemployment, healthcare and decline of family values.

So is it worth promoting ”the American democracy” and what is it really worth?


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