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Let me say at the beginning what I intend to say at the end: If Armenia is deceived again by these “encouragements” and “supports” and moves away from the peace agenda this time, Armenia itself and the people of Armenia, who are shackled by the great powers, will suffer the most from this. As it is known, these shackles, which have been named “support” or given the image of “solidarity“, has been isolating Armenia from the region it has been in for years and therefore, from the world. This situation has made Armenia not only a dependent country in all respects, at the same time confronted it with losing even its statehood capability. Because a dependent Armenia is a means of intervention in the region for those who “support” it. These forces do not want to lose the real means of intervention they have. Therefore, they are trying to prevent the peace agreement that should be signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia in various ways. Because the environment of peace is not desirable at all for their interests.

After briefly dwelling on the concept of parliament, let me talk about why the French Senate felt “obliged” to adopt the resolution of November 15, 2022. The nature, essence, purpose, philosophy, and existence of parliaments are for human beings. At the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Istanbul, prominent scientists of the Republic of Turkey instilled in us management and professional ethics by commemorating important concepts such as the parliamentary tradition, the morality of democracy, human-oriented management, human happiness, the purpose of keeping human beings alive and peace. In my scientific knowledge and understanding of administration, it is absolutely unacceptable for a sacred institution like the Parliament to be downgraded to the level of a venue or meeting place where excessively self-interested imperial calculations are pursued. Unfortunately, the French Senate has done this for the second time with regard to Azerbaijan.

Let’s examine, article by article, what is included in the resolution of the French Senate, dated November 15, 2022, aimed at “encouraging” Armenia:

Withdrawal of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces from the territory belonging to Armenia and the Lachin corridor and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Armenia.” This claim includes slander against Azerbaijan, as well as a violation of international law. Because Azerbaijan has not occupied the land of any state and it is the most fundamental right given to it by international law to exercise its sovereignty in every field in its own Lachin region.

“…invited the French government, in cooperation with European partners, to plan diplomatic and economic countermeasures to punish the aggression by Azerbaijan, including the imposition of sanctions that will target the assets of the Azerbaijani authorities, and an embargo on gas and oil imports from Azerbaijan…” While this provision of the resolution is full of hatred and animosity, far from reality and embellishing the dreams of the members of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, it is also a clear indication that international law is not given importance.

“…confirms the need to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and invites the government to consider the possibility of establishing a humanitarian office in Nagorno-Karabakh…” This provision means the slaughter of international law, excessively exceeds the competence and is an open attack on the sovereign rights of the Republic of Azerbaijan. No one outside the Republic of Azerbaijan can exercise the right to take decisions regarding a region belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“…take initiatives to guarantee the security of the Armenian population and Armenia within its internationally recognized borders, and to request for this purpose the deployment of an international community engagement force...” This provision of the resolution is also part of the support of Armenian radical revanchism.

“…invites the Government of France to consider the possibility of supporting the strengthening of the defense capability of Armenia…” Why do you feel the “need” to arm Armenia? Do your interests demand continued bloodshed?

This resolution made us remember again the series of crimes against humanity (Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Chad, Djibouti, Vietnam, Rwanda) committed by France in the last 200 years. This resolution, which has no legal value and is given the image of “support for Armenia“, helps to understand the reasons why Armenia could occupy Azerbaijani lands for almost 30 years. The reasons for the discomfort felt when the Azerbaijani Armed Forces ended this occupation in line with international law in 2020 are understood once again. In the Azerbaijan-Armenia peace talks, it becomes easier to question the role of France as an “impartial mediator”. It is important in this context that, three days before the Senate resolution, President Ilham Aliyev reminded French President Emmanuel Macron of the importance of displaying an neutral, impartial and balanced approach in the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Such destructive and provocative actions of the French Senate serve to aggravate the situation in the South Caucasus region, and negatively affect the implementation of the peace agenda and the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Dr. Elsevar SALMANOV

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