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World politics is changing swiftly. Now it is getting more difficult to sell lie as truth. Humanity seems to be sick of being deceived. The attitude to the US President Barack Obama`s speech in West-Point, which is referred to as a new doctrine, is ambiguous for this reason. Experts indicate to a gap between Washington`s concrete steps and statements voiced in solemn speeches. PR campaigns against some countries, attempts to interfere into their affairs are not welcomed by the world community. Against the backdrop of the above-mentioned, the foreign policy pursued by the Obama Administration looks interesting.

Reaction to Obama`s remarks at the military academy in West-Point on the major priorities of the country`s foreign policy was not univocal. Many specialists are critical of his remarks. They speak about inconsistency between Obama`s words and the policy pursued by official Washington.

White House experts briefly assessed the Obama administration`s foreign policy as follows: ”Don’t do stupid shit” (see: Karl Rove. Obama’s Foreign Policy Fails His Own Test / ”The Wall Street Journal”, 11 June 2014). We can assume that this thesis did not emerge from nothing. This was articulated by the president himself during a recent press briefing aboard a plane in route to Asia. Mr. Obama reportedly exhorted reporters to chant it back to him. In other words, the Head of State openly confess that he is ”doing stupid shit” in the foreign policy.

Specialists use concrete facts to prove that the US foreign policy encountered serious problems. For example, Obama insisted on Assad`s going from power in 2011. He did not risk supporting the Syrian opposition. Now Assad is re-elected as the head of state. Obama cannot still take a concrete stand on the Syria issue. Among other arguments are Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant seized control of Mosul and Tigrit as a result of the false Iraq policy of Obama (see: previous source).

Obama`s ”waffling” foreign policy is seen in the steps taken towards Russia and China. Experts believe that Washington`s behavior in the Ukraine issue was biased. Specialists think that America is engaged in undermining relations between the developing nations and Europe.

Brussels gets back to the dollar zone along with the Ukraine crisis. In a word, the USA once against sparked feud in the big territories for the sake of its interests (see: Global systemic crisis-escalation in the US reaction for survival: trigger a cold war to make it easier to annex Europe / ”Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin”, №83, 16 March 2014). It is obvious that Washington is interested in keeping EU-Russia confrontation for a while.

A question emerges in this case: what criteria does America pursue in its foreign policy? Taking into account other famous facts, we can make a conclusion that Obama`s remarks in West-Point is just a show-off.

More specifically, the President voiced new theses in order to throw dust into one’s eyes and portray himself as an innovator. In reality, the foreign policy did not get rid of old myths.

Under these circumstances, what is interesting is the result of polls conducted recently in America. The survey conducted by the Fox TV channel suggested 56 % of the respondents disagree with the current foreign policy. Some 55 % of the respondents believe that America got weaker during Obama`s rule and 68 % think that Obama`s administration is weaker than Clinton`s. Fox conducted the poll using random digit dial procedures. It means that the degree of the poll`s objectivity is high (see: ”Талибан” ослабил Обаму / ””, 5 June 2014).

This was followed by a poll conducted by the Gallup institute. It showed that 52 % of the respondents expressed discontent with Obama`s foreign policy whereas 55 % are sure that Obama “made America weaker”. These figures are lower than the polls held earlier. The trust in the US President weakened and he is no longer considered a “strong and decisive leader” (see: Jeffrey M. Jones. Americans’ Ratings of President Obama’s Image at New Lows /, 12 June 2014).

These are undoubtedly not accidental figures. This is how the US citizens assess the foreign policy Obama has pursued over a couple of years. It is interesting that experts` conclusions and citizens` opinion overlap. The analysis of official Washington`s actions in various corners of the global show that the figures provided above are true.

America`s interfering into domestic affairs of some nations attract the attention most. In addition, it puts pressure on those who want to resist it. It is noteworthy that dirty actions are accompanied by ”Black PR” campaigns.

As a whole, specialists talk about Washington`s policy based on double standards and injustice. Even, famous analysts and political experts of America note that the USA takes an uncertain stance on many issues and acts without considering the real situation. The real example is Washington`s double standard approach to the resolution of the conflicts in the South Caucasus.

For many years, America protects the aggressive Armenia and provides it with a financial assistance. In concrete issues, America does not spare political lobbyism. Washington persistently stonewalls the facts of corruption, mass human rights violation, abuse of power in this country and full deportation of Azerbaijanis.

As to official Baku, someone over the sea is not fine with its independent policy.

It is noteworthy that the USA is overtly pursuing a double standards policy towards the Muslim nations. It immediately struck Iraq. Syria found itself in an endless crisis. There has been a continuous bloodshed in Afghanistan for many years. Chaos is sown in Iraq, whereas the plans concerning Iran will be known later. They go to all lengths to curb rapid development of Turkey. What on earth, are they talking about the foreign policy doctrine?

This is not a doctrine but a balderdash. Official Washington is aware of this. The world has waken up already. People began to realize that there is big difference between beautiful phrases and real politics. Humanity is sick of lies. For this reason, the West-Point remarks were not welcomed with hurray! The analysis shows it does not have much effect on geopolitical processes. The processes are going on in the same vein. The West is committed to its double standards. The super powers go to great lengths to safeguard their interests. America`s voice is not strong as it was before. Its influence has dramatically weakened.


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