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Marwene Ben Jennana was born in Tunisia in 1997. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Civilization from the University of Sousse, Tunisia. He further pursued his academic journey and recently completed his Master’s degree in International Relations at Istanbul Kültür University in Türkiye, in 2023. During his master’s studies, Marwene conducted research on the normative power of the European Union on Tunisian democracy. His thesis, titled “Assessing the Normative Power of the European Union on Tunisian Democracy: Navigating Local Challenges at Major Crossroads” explored the influence of the European Union on Tunisia’s democratic processes under the supervision of Dr. Ahmet Cemal Ertürk.

Marwene Ben Jennana has also gained valuable research experience through internships in the field of European Studies. He served as a research intern at ANKASAM (Ankara Crisis and Policy Studies Center), focusing on European studies. During this internship, he contributed to various research projects and gained insights into the intricate dynamics of European politics. Furthermore, Marwene interned at Siyaset, Ekonomi ve Toplum Araştırmaları Vakfı (SETA), specializing in the same field of research. Under the guidance and supervision of Hacı Mehmet Boyraz, he actively participated in research initiatives related to European politics, providing him with practical exposure to the subject matter. These research internships have enriched Marwene’s understanding of European affairs, deepening his knowledge and analytical skills within the realm of Euro-Mediterranean relations, European Studies, and Tunisian politics.

Marwene possesses native-level proficiency in English, French, and Arabic. Additionally, he has an intermediate conversational level in Spanish and German, enabling him to engage in multilingual discussions and academic work. Marwene’s research interests and areas of expertise revolve around Euro-Mediterranean relations, European Studies, and Tunisian politics. His passion for understanding the dynamics of the region and the European Union’s impact on Tunisia shapes his academic pursuits. Outside of academia, Marwene has dedicated his time to martial arts. He practiced Taekwondo for three years and participated in the Shotokan Karate team league of the middle region of Tunisia for five years under the supervision of Sensei Farhat Mokni.


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